2014-2015 Dress Code Information

After working in collaboration with our student, staff and parent Dress Code Committees, which included representatives from our Traditional, BETA and PCCA programs, we have identified our Dress Code Options. Our staff and SAC, which represent our parent population, have reviewed and approved the presentation of these options for the 2014-2015 school year and beyond. As we proceed forward in continuing to ensure that Gibbs High School is an environment where learning is the primary focus, please review and discuss the included Dress Code Options with your student(s). Please be prepared for full implementation in August at the start of the up and coming school year. More information and announcements are forthcoming. We thank you for your support and cooperation.

Dress Code Information


All students are required to use the designated crosswalks when they are walking to and from school. These crosswalks are marked with white lines. If not marked, it is not considered a designated crosswalk. If your student decides to cross at an unmarked location, they may receive a ticket for jaywalking in the amount of $62.50 from the St. Petersburg Police Department. The designated area for crossing 8th Avenue is the Pinellas Trail Overpass, or they may use the designated crosswalk at 11th and 34th.